Selected Publications

TepeŇ°, Bojan: "Optimal Control of Automotive Power Train with Automated Transmission"

Student project, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Zagreb, 2010.

Keywords: Optimal control, automated transmission, clutch, design, linear quadratic regulator
Abstract: In automated transmissions, a computer controls the clutch and internal combustion engine, in order to reduce the driver's control effort, and achieve good driving performance, high level of driving comfort, and low fuel consumption. With the aim to satisfy these often opposite control requirements, it is necessary to apply optimal control techniques. In this work, design of the automated transmission control system is proposed using advanced optimal control approaches. First, numerical optimization of the power train control variables is conducted for a given comprehensive optimal criterion. Next, the engine and clutch slip speed trajectories are used as reference variables of an optimal feedback controller. Since the time horizon is finite due to the finite clutch engagement time, the use of a time-variant form of the linear quadratic controller is proposed, which also includes feedforward actions with respect to reference and disturbance variables.