M. Cipek, B. Škugor, J. Deur

Comparative Analysis of Conventional and Electric Delivery Vehicles Based on Realistic Driving Cycles

Proceedings of European Electric Vehicle Congress (EEVC 2014), Brussels, Belgium, 2014.
Starting from the basic parameters of a diesel engine-propelled seven-ton truck and a comprehensive set of previously recorded driving cycles for a retail company truck fleet, a backward-looking model of the truck is built up and experimentally validated. The model is then converted to describe a hypothetical electric truck with comparable torque and power performance. The two models are used for a comparative analysis of main vehicle characteristics for the constant velocity mode, as well as for the recorded and naturalistic synthetic driving cycles. The results indicate that the electric vehicle can provide substantial saving in terms of energy cost and reduction of CO2 emissions, particularly for urban driving, night charging, and a dominant electricity production from renewable energy sources.