J. Deur, M. Cipek, B. Škugor, J. Petrić

Modeling and Low-level Control of Range Extended Electric Vehicle Dynamics

Proceedings of the International Conference on Powertrain Modelling and Control (PMC2012), University of Bradford, Bradford, UK, 2012.
The power train of recently introduced Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) comprises an engine, two servo-controlled electric machines, three clutches, and a relatively large battery. In order to maximize the fuel efficiency and provide smooth driving, such a vehicle requires a sophisticated control strategy whose development and optimal tuning requires a widespread use of power train models of different complexity. The bond graph methodology is used in the paper to develop a unified mathematical model of the REEV power train dynamics. A special attention is devoted to the development of a computationally efficient clutch subsystem model. The model complexity can easily be adapted to different control system design tasks, ranging from low-level control and active damping strategies, through off-line optimization of control variables, to supervisory energy management control. The functionality of the model is illustrated on a comparative simulation example of electrical driving using one or two electrical machines.