V. Ivanović, Z. Herold, J. Deur, M. Hancock, F. Assadian

Experimental Setups for Active Limited Slip Differential Dynamics Research

SAE paper #2008-01-0302, 2008 SAE World Congress, Detroit, MI, 2008.
In order to support active limited slip differential (ALSD) modeling work, a test rig of a DC motor-actuated ALSD has been developed. The test rig is equipped with a torque servomotor that provides a precise closed-loop control of the clutch slip speed, as well as with sensors of clutch torque, and DC motor position and current. In addition to the test rig, a precise wet clutch experimental setup has been developed by using the differential hardware. The setup provides direct measurements of the clutch pack axial force, the separator plate temperature, and the press plate axial position. The paper describes the ALSD test rig and the wet clutch experimental setup, presents and analyzes characteristic experimental results, and outlines the main ALSD modeling results.