J. Petrić, J. Deur, Ž. Šitum, I. Mahalec

Initial experiments on a setup for IC engine modeling and control research

6th International Conference and Exhibition Innovative Automotive Technology - IAT, 2003
An experimental setup has been developed in order to validate different control-oriented engine mathematical models and to verify different engine and powertrain control methods. The setup is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine, a high-bandwidth engine-load servosystem, an electronic throttle system, different sensors, and a control computer. The initial experiments were carried out in order to obtain the standard engine static curves, such as the induction map and torque map. These experimental data was employed to form three engine maps, which were afterwards used as a part of mean value (low frequency) engine models. Model validation results for typical tip-in-tip-out dynamic responses are also presented in the paper.