J. Deur, A. Božić, N. Perić

Control of Electrical Drives with Elastic Transmission, Friction and Backlash - Experimental System

Automatika, Vol. 40, No. 3-4, pp. 129-137, 1999.
For the purpose of investigation of complex electrical drives, a laboratory model of the drive with the capability of independent and adjustable generation of the variable load and the transmission elasticity, friction and backlash has been developed. With the precise measurement of the motor and load speed and position, as well as the coupling torque, an experimental verification of various elasticity, friction and backlash compensation algorithms in speed, position and force control loop has been made possible. A functional description of the laboratory model and results of experimental identification of electromechanical plant are presented. The presented identification results confirm the correctness of laboratory model functionality and constitute a basis for further identification and control experiments.