D. Pavković, A. Božić, M. Barić, I. Petrović, N. Perić, J. Deur

Laboratory Model of a Two-axis Positioning and Tracking Servosystem Carried Out by Utilization of an A.P.C. Turret

11th International Conference on Electrical Drives and Power Electronics (EDPE), Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2000.
For the purpose of development and investigation of two-axis simultaneous speed and position control algorithms, an armored personnel carrier (APC) gun turret has been adapted. Since simultaneous control of both axes of motion was to be achieved, axis coupling analysis was conducted and it showed negligible axis coupling due to the large ratio of inertia for the both axes of motion. A linearized model of the electromehanical plant has been identified and used in speed and position controller design, which is conducted in the continuous-time domain utilizing the damping optimum. The behavior of the designed control systems are examined by simulation and experimentally on a laboratory model of the positioning and tracking system, and it showed favorable behavior in different operation modes.