M. Hoić, B. Škugor, A. Miklik, J. Deur, A. Tissot

Experimental characterization and modeling of dry clutch wear with emphasis on fading effect

Forschung im ingenieurwesen-engineering research, Vol. 85, pp. 895-903, 2021
The paper presents results of experimental characterization and modeling of dry clutch material wear, which concerns four input parameters (temperature, slip speed, torque, and closing time) and relies on using a custom-made disc-on-disc tribometer machine. A clutch closing cycle-wise cubic model is proposed, where for the sake of model compactness and least-square parameter identification method straightforwardness the torque and slip speed inputs are lumped into a surrogate power input. Finally, the characterization study is extended to concern the fading effect occurring at high clutch temperatures, including the wear restoration dynamics. The high-temperature results are employed to verify model extrapolation capability.