V. Ranogajec, J. Deur

A Bond Graph-Based Method of Automated Generation of Automatic Transmission Mathematical Model

SAE International Journal of Engines, Vol. 10, No. 3, 2017.
The ever-present pressure on shortening the development cycle of transmission systems requires development of numerical methods and tools that would speed up those processes. This paper contributes to the field by proposing a method for automated generation of the full-order automatic transmission (AT) model from a bond graph model that directly reflects the AT structure. The proposed numerical method is implemented within the 20-sim and MATLAB software environments, where 20-sim is used to draw the bond graph and export it to a MATLAB script (or simulate it). A proposed method relies on a system identification method that extracts the characteristic full-order model state-space matrices from either a 20-sim-Matlab exported script or 20-sim-simulated bond graph model. The automated modeling method is demonstrated on an example of an advanced 10-speed AT. The paper also outlines a numerical method of transforming the full-order model into the corresponding reduced-order model for a user-specified clutch state, including implementation aspects for the MATLAB environment. The possibility of deriving the reduced-order model directly from a corresponding 20-sim bond graph model is discussed, as well.