B. Škugor, M. Cipek, J. Deur

Control Variables Optimization and Feedback Control Strategy Design for the Blended Operating Mode of an Extended Range Electric Vehicle

SAE International Journal of Alternative Powertrains, SAE paper #2014-01-1898, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 152-162, 2014.
In an authors' previous SAE publication, an energy management control strategy has been proposed for the basic, charge-depleting/charge-sustaining (CD/CS) regime of an Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV). The strategy is based on combining a rule-based controller, including a state-of-charge regulator, with an equivalent consumption minimization strategy. This paper presents an extension of the control strategy, which can provide a favorable vehicle behavior in the more general blended (BLND) operating regime, as well. Dynamic programming-based control variables optimization is first conducted to gain an insight into the vehicle optimal behavior in the BLND regime, facilitate the feedback control strategy development/extension, and serve as a benchmark for the control strategy verification. Next, a parameter optimization method is applied to find optimal values of critical engine on/off thresholds. Finally, the control strategy is verified against the optimal benchmark for several repetitive certified driving cycles, and the results are compared with those obtained for the basic CD/CS regime.