Best Paper Award Announcement

The Best Paper Award at the 19th IAVSD Symposium on "Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks" was awarded for the work:

V. Ivanović, J. Deur, M. Kostelac, Z. Herold, M. Troulis, C. Miano, D. Hrovat, J. Asgari, D. Higgins, J. Blackford, V. Koutsos, "Experimental Identification of Dynamic Tire Friction Potential on Ice Surfaces", XIX IAVSD Symposium, Milan, Italy, Aug/Sep 2005; Vehicle System Dynamics, Vol. 44, Supplement 1, pp. 93-103, 2006.

The paper was presented by Vladimir Ivanović, M. Sc. ME and co-authored by researchers from Ford Research Centers in the US and Germany, and the University of Edinburgh, UK.