D. Pavković, M. Lobrović, M. Hrgetić, A. Komljenović, V. Smetko

Battery Current and Voltage Control System Design with Charging Application

Proc. of the 2014 IEEE Multiconference on Systems and Control (IEEE MSC 2014), pp. 1133-1138, Antibes, Francuska, 2014.
This paper presents the design of battery charging control system suitable for different battery types. A PI controller-based battery current control system is designed with the aim of achieving robust control system behavior over a wide range of battery internal resistance variations. In order to enhance the battery current control system performance, an adaptation mechanism comprising a Kalman filter-based battery internal resistance estimator has been designed and tested. The current control system is commanded by a superimposed battery voltage controller aimed at bringing the battery terminal voltage to the fully-charged state while also limiting the maximum battery charging current. The effectiveness of the proposed battery charging cascade control system has been verified experimentally on the battery test setup for a VRLA battery and LiFePO4 cell.