J. Deur, P. Barber, M. Hancock

Design of a Cascade Structure of Sideslip and Yaw Rate Control

CD Proceedings of 22nd International Symposium on Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks (IAVSD 2011), Manchester, UK, 2011.
The paper presents an extension of a yaw rate control system with a superimposed sideslip controller, thus forming a robust and simple-to-tune cascade structure of vehicle dynamics state control. The control system has been designed for different vehicle dynamics actuators, where the emphasis in this work is on active rear differentials of active limited slip and torque vectoring type. The control system behavior is examined by computer simulation for a 10 degree-of-freedom vehicle dynamics model and various maneuvers. The simulation results demonstrate that the superimposed sideslip control loop improves the system robustness with respect to reference vehicle model errors and provides a favorable trade-off of vehicle stability and responsiveness.