J. Deur, F. Assadian, M. Hancock

Parameter Optimization of PID Class of Yaw Rate Controllers

CD Proc. of UKACC Int. Conf. on CONTROL 2010, Coventry, UK, 2010
The paper presents parameter optimization of a PID class of vehicle yaw rate controllers based on a linearized ²bicycle²-type vehicle dynamics model. Two complementary optimization techniques are used: (i) analytical design based on the damping optimum criterion, and (ii) numerical parameter optimization. The damping optimum method is applied for the full second-order lead-lag vehicle model and a simplified first-order lag model. Different optimization approaches and PID controller types are verified and compared by computer simulations for different actuator bandwidths and vehicle velocities. A comparative numerical analysis on the control system sensitivity with respect to measurement noise and process parameter variations is also presented.