M. Hrgetić, J. Deur, N. Kranjčević, H. E. Tseng, M. Lakehal-Ayat

Analysis of Accelerometer-based Kinematic Yaw Rate Estimators

Proc. of 9th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control (2008 AVEC), Kobe, Japan, 2008.
An analysis of the kinematic yaw rate estimators based on a pair of accelerometers placed outside the vehicle center of gravity (CoG) is presented. Three characteristic accelerometer configurations are considered: lateral/radial, longitudinal/tangential, and diagonal/combined. Based on the derived 6DOF accelerometer measurement kinematic model, the sources of yaw rate estimation errors are identified, which include the vehicle roll and pitch dynamics, accelerometer axis misalignment, and measurement noise and offset. The influence of these effects on the yaw rate estimation accuracy is analyzed algebraically and by computer simulation.