J. Deur, F. Assadian, M. Hancock

A Linearized Vehicle Dynamics Model for Global Chassis Control

DVD Proc. of 2007 ASME Int. Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE2007), Seattle, WA, 2007.
The paper presents an analytical linearized vehicle dynamics model for global chassis control. Use of the following vehicle dynamics actuators is anticipated: active front and rear steering, active rear and central differential, and drive-by-wire power plant. The linearized model takes into account the tire effects of combined slip and variable normal force. The transfer function form of the linearized model is used for an analysis of control authority of different actuators. The influence of lateral tire relaxation length is also analyzed and incorporated in the model. Characteristic features of the transfer function model with respect to yaw rate output are revealed and used for model order reduction. The presented linearized model is validated against nonlinear models of different complexity.