M. Hoić, M. Hrgetić, N. Kranjčević, J. Deur, A. Tissot

Redesign of a Disc-on-Disc Computer Numerical Control Tribometer for a Wide-Range and Shudder-Resistant Operation

Machines, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 25, 2024.
The paper presents a redesign of the custom disc-on-disc-type tribometer intended for the experimental characterization of the friction and wear of automotive dry clutch friction lining. The redesign is aimed at expanding the operating range at which the machine is not sensitive to shudder vibrations. This is achieved through a set of hardware and software upgrade measures. First, the natural frequency of the normal load-generation linear axis of the machine is increased by enlarging its bending stiffness and reducing the suspended mass. The former is realized by replacing the single, two-axial force/torque piezoelectric sensor with a set of three three-axial piezoelectric force sensors, adding a set of stiff linear guides, and reducing the lengths of the cantilevers of lateral forces acting on the linear axis guide system. The latter is accomplished by reducing the overall dimensions of the cooling disc and redesigning the thermal insulation components. The shudder sensitivity resistance is further reduced through individual normal force-readings-based adjustment of parallelism between friction contact surfaces and the increase in the stiffness of eccentrically positioned water-cooling pipes. Finally, the stability of the coefficient of friction and, consequently, the wear process are boosted by adjusting the control routines to minimize the circumferential and/or radial temperature gradients. These adjustments include the introduction of a clutch lock-up interval at the end of the clutch closing cycle, a minimum cooling delay inserted between two closing cycles, and maximum normal force demand of the clutch torque controller. The performance gain of the upgraded tribometer is demonstrated through a study of the dry clutch friction plate static wear experimental characterization for a wide range of operating conditions