V. Ivanović, M. Hoić, J. Deur, Z. Herold, H. E. Tseng

Design of Test Rigs for a Dry Dual Clutch and its Electromechanical Actuator

SAE paper #2012-01-0807, SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Mechanical Systems, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 612-620, 2012.
Dual Clutch Transmissions with dry electromechanically actuated clutches have emerged on the market recently. In order to provide their favorable operation in terms of the clutch torque control, it is very important to have a good knowledge on the system behavior related to the actuator dynamics, the dry friction coefficient behavior, and the thermal dynamics. This paper describes two test rigs developed to support the research work on a dry dual clutch with a lever-based electromechanical actuation system. The first test rig (actuation system test rig) provides a basis for a comprehensive multi-step identification of the actuation system parameters and characterization of the overall system behavior. This test rig includes a modified dual clutch assembly including a built-in sensor for the purpose of direct normal force measurement. The second test rig (transmission test rig) is aimed at providing support for more comprehensive characterization of the actuation system under realistic operating conditions and characterization of the clutch torque transfer dynamics/friction coefficient behavior, thermal dynamics, and wear. Both test rigs are computer controlled and include measurements of all main system variables. Functionality of the test rigs is demonstrated by characteristic experimental results.