J. Deur, V. Ivanović, J. Petrić, M. Hancock, F. Assadian

A Control-oriented Model of Hydrostatic Transmission with Application on Torque Vectoring Differential Modeling

DVD Proc. of 2008 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE 2008), Boston, MA, 2008.
The paper presents a control-oriented model of a closed circuit hydrostatic transmission. The model includes the pump speed, motor speed, and pressure difference state variables, and nonlinear static maps for the flow loss resistance and pump and motor torque losses. The model maps are obtained by experimental identification conducted on a hydrostatic transmission setup. The model is validated against the experimental data for a wide range of operating conditions. The validated model is used for bond graph modeling and analysis of a hydrostatic transmission-based torque vectoring differential. The torque vectoring features are illustrated by computer simulation.