J. Deur, D. Pavković, M. Jansz, N. Perić

Automatic Tuning of Electronic Throttle Control Strategy

Proceedings of 2003 Mediterranean Conference on Control & Automation (MED 2003), Rhodes, Greece, 2003.
The electronic throttle is a DC servo drive which provides precise, drive-by-wire positioning of the throttle plate. The electronic throttle body (ETB) parameters can significantly vary due to production deviations, variations of external conditions (e.g. temperature), and aging. In order to avoid the influence of ETB parameters variations to the electronic throttle control performance, an electronic throttle auto-tuning procedure is proposed in the paper. The auto-tuner tunes the parameters of electronic throttle control strategy based on the results of on-line identification of linear and nonlinear process dynamics. The main characteristics of the auto-tuner are good tuning accuracy, short tuning interval (about 1.5 seconds), and simple implementation. In addition, it does not require any prior knowledge of ETB parameters. The auto-tuner is verified experimentally.