B. Škugor, J. Deur

A Novel Model of Electric Vehicle Fleet Aggregate Battery for Energy Planning Studies

Energy, Vol. 92, pp. 444-455, 2015.
The paper proposes an aggregate battery modelling approach for an electric vehicle (EV) fleet, which is aimed for energy planning studies of EV-grid integration. The proposed model improves on the existing, basic aggregate battery modelling approach by accounting for a variable structure of the aggregate battery systems, variable state of charge (SoC) constraints and specific input time-distributions such as those of average SoC at destination and number of arriving and departing vehicles. In the particular case-study presented, the input distributions are reconstructed from a large set of delivery vehicle fleet driving missions, including simulation of individual vehicle behaviours over the full set of driving cycles. The charging power input is obtained by using a dynamic programming-based optimisation algorithm aimed at finding a global optimum in terms of minimised electricity cost. For the purpose of proposed model validation and its comparison with the basic model, a distributed fleet vehicle model is developed, where a specific algorithm is proposed for distributing the optimised charging power input to charging inputs of individual vehicles.