Small-scale grants of the University of Zagreb

Supported by University of Zagreb

04.02.2023 - 04.02.2023 Ongoing projects

Application of machine learning to predict state variables related to driving autonomous vehicles, J. Deur, 2022.

Lithium-ion Battery Aging Characterization in a Realistic Simulation Environment, J. Deur, 2021.

Data-Driven Modeling of Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Battery Aging, J. Deur, 2020.  

Parameter Estimation of an Electric Scooter Li-Ion Battery Pack Model, J. Deur, 2018.

Modeling of Synchronizer Dynamics for Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission, M. Hoić, 2018.

Experimental Characterization and Modelling of an Electric Scooter Li-Ion Battery Pack, J. Deur, 2017.

Optimal Control of Dual Clutch Hybrid Transmissions, J. Deur, 2016.

Optimal Control of Hybrid Electric Vehicles under Conditions of Emphasized Road Gradients, J. Deur, 2015.

Energy Efficient Hydraulics: Principles, Measurements and Cost-effectiveness, J. Petrić, 2014.

Energy Flow Control of Electric Microgrid for Oil Drilling Rig, D. Pavković, 2013